styling for men


Do you hate shopping? Simply don’t have the time? Or do you want to take your style to the next level? I’m here to help! I offer services that ensure you look and feel good every day in the clothes you wear without having to put the work in.

For a complete styling service, I recommend starting with the style analysis, followed by a wardrobe edit, then personal shopping. That will allow me to get a full picture of what you want, and deliver a truly transformative service - you’ll have everything you need to dress impressively every day, and in every situation.

Here are some services I offer to help you in your effortless pursuit of style:

Style analysis

This includes a one-to-one session where we determine the best style of clothing for your lifestyle, body shape, colouring and personality. Within a week, I will put together a style guide for you to follow which will take the hard work out of making clothing decisions for you. Think of it as your style bible!

Price: £125

Wardrobe Edit

Looking through your wardrobe together, we can look at the things you don’t wear and how to make them work for you. We will clear out things that you no longer need and identify where the gaps are to make your wardrobe complete. I will provide you with images of the outfits we put together in the session so you have a quick reference of outfits on a daily basis without the hassle.

Wardrobe edits start from £160 for 2 hours (minimum) and is then £60 per hour for any time over this. The recommended length of time is 4 hours.

Personal Shopping

This can be used as a time-saving service, where I can shop for the things that you need; fitting your style brief and personality, then bring them directly to you and show you how to put them together. You can also use this service as an opportunity to shop together, meaning that you will learn how to shop efficiently for the styles that suit you and where to find them - you may have been shopping in the wrong places all your life!


This is a great way to test the water with styling,

E- styling allows you to be styled from wherever you are, anywhere in the world. With an initial consultation via FaceTime or Skype, I can go on to pick outfits for you online as and when you need them, providing you with all the links for the pieces and information on how to wear them.

1 outfit: £42 or 3 outfits for £100

Event styling

Do you have a big event coming up? Maybe you’re due to get married, or you’re due to go to a posh do, or just a special night, and you’d like some help to get the look nailed. Together we will make sure you look your very best.

Cost depends on the service required; please contact me for an informal chat.

Tailored Services

My services are not set in stone, if you have a certain requirement that is not fulfilled above, please contact me and we can work out a suitable service for you together.