personal shopping


There are 2 options for personal shopping experiences, either have the shopping done for you hassle-free or we can go shopping together!

Shopping for you:

Life is fast and we have increasing demands on our time. So sit back, relax, and set with a shopping brief, I will do all the research and shopping leg work for you, then bring your fresh new outfits straight to your door. Don’t worry, I’ll bring options so you’ll be able to choose just the very best pieces!

Shopping with you:

Do you like shopping but need a little help with what to choose and where to go? Learn how to shop savvy by letting me take you shopping for the afternoon. I can take you to places you may never have tried, and guide you to the styles and colours that suit you and your needs in a fun and interactive afternoon. I guarantee that you won’t walk out with anything unless it’s perfect for you!

These services can be used as a one-off or as a seasonal service to update your wardrobe as and when it’s needed. 

This service is personal, so if you would like more information about how it could work for you, please get in touch for an informal chat and I will talk you through the process.

This service is the perfect follow-on after the style analysis and wardrobe edit to help you complete your style journey.

Both services are £55 per hour (minimum 3 hours)