What is a bargain? Are you a sucker for the sales?

When buying clothes, are you drawn into the sales or charity shops because of the low pricing, but actually compromising on the key points you look for when shopping at full price?

The true measure of a bargain is the cost per wear, so a full price or expensive item can be a bargain if you use it enough to warrant the cost. 

Too often I’ve met clients that show me things they’ve bought because they were in the sale. It may not be quite the right shade, or quite the right fit, quite the right style, but the price tag makes us feel like we don’t have much to lose by taking a risk on the item. This marketing tactic helps shops get rid of their stock, while creating clutter in your wardrobe that you won’t wear and ultimately will end up in landfill. 

When faced with a bargain, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Would I even consider buying this item at full price?

  • Does it fit me properly? 

  • Am I making a compromise due to the attractive price tag?

  • Is this really my style?

  • Is this the right colour/ shape for me?

  • Is it comfortable?

  • Is it in good condition?

  • Will it last?

if you answer yes to all of these, then congratulations! You’ve found a true bargain!