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You’re an individual! Let’s take some time out and get to know you, so we can put together a personal style guide - you’ll never buy the wrong things again!

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Stephanie’s style advice is second to none, she can turn a full wardrobe full of frumpy clothing into something exciting by accessorizing or putting items together that you never thought would work. Her colour analysis is well worth listening to as the colours you think may suit your skin tone etc, may actually not bring out your best look. Give her a call, you’ll be pleased you did
— Anna

I learnt a lot in my session with Steph, I found out which colours make me stand out and she was really good with picking out colours and pattern for me, something I avoided before.
I was impressed with the styles she picked out for me and pushed me out of my comfort zone, even keeping in mind my issues with prickly heat and how to protect it in the height of summer.
— Naim

I really enjoyed being styled by Stephanie, she really brought out the feminine side of me with a capsule collection of florals, basics and summer reds. She understood how to dress my body shape and gave me valuable advice about how to dress for my figure
— Amy

fashion changes, style endures




I am a professionally trained personal stylist and image consultant, with a degree in Design and experience in the fashion industry. I’ve been interested in fashion, design and styling all my life. I remember when I was just 6 years old watching Happy Days and decided right there that I wanted to be an individual, I ultimately realised that it was important to embrace my own personality and reflect it through the way I dress. I’ve stubbornly embraced that come hell or high water since, because there is nothing more liberating than being yourself.

Using my experience in fashion, my determination to discover peoples’ individuality and my easygoing nature, I want to help you find the uniqueness and style that you deserve. I have styled countless people - young, old, outgoing, shy, all shapes and sizes - and the one thing I’ve found is that everyone can feel great in what they wear; It just takes the right formula!

Discovering your personal style is a true investment in yourself. It can bring you new-found confidence, even new opportunities in life. I love more than anything, to bring out that feeling in everyone I work with.

I’m based in York, but am happy to travel to Knaresborough, Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Huddersfield - and anywhere else in Yorkshire. If you’re further afield I’m happy to offer a bespoke service for you, plus don’t forget I can provide e-Styling services to anywhere in the world - I’m only a Skype call away!


Sustainability and Styling

The environment and sustainability is becoming an increasing concern for many of us. 
Fast fashion has crept among us gradually. Most high street stores have new product lines entering their stores weekly these days. It’s always great to have choice, but clothes are not a one use item - however they are being manufactured, bought and thrown away like they are.

Without understanding your own style, it’s so easy to go shopping in the hope that this time you will find that ultimate piece that will make you feel good about yourself. 
We’ve all been there! Having a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear. 
Fashion is a business, it sells us a lifestyle and makes us want to keep up to date and ultimately, makes us feel bad about ourselves, so we are constantly wanting to improve.
These adverts are generic, they know nothing about who you are, what music you love, what movies you like, who you are inspired by and what your day-to-day looks like, so they are unlikely to be catering for you in a personal, stylish and sustainable way.

We can waste so much money on things when we don’t know how to apply our personalities, body shapes, colouring and individuality to each piece of clothing we buy.
Personal styling can help you buy those items that make you stand out, feel comfortable, feel good and will be wearable until they wear out.




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